Vet visits

We visited our own vet first and then headed to an orthopedist.Luckily I managed to get very soon an appointment to Tiiu Toijala, who works in Avec. While catastrophizing everyhting I had concluded that despite all my efforts Topi has developed osteoarthritis in already such early stage and that’s causing pain.

Tiiu performed a very thorough lameness examination to Topi. There was some palpation findings like striffness in biceps tendon and supraspinatus muscle and tendon. Also infraspinatus was stiff on both sides.

Movements today: Mild lameness in trot on straith line. After turning first limping front left, then right.

Topi was xrayed in shoulders and elbows. No markings in elbows, and bot shoulders look very good in humerus head. Healing is still in progress and there is no signs of osteoarthritis. And then there is a but. In left glenoideum there is a small suspicious area. The shoulders were also checked with an ultrasound, no deviations found.

So, it’s possible that Topi has osteochrosis also in glenoideum, meaning the lower part of the scapula. To verify this we would have to take further examinations and possibly even a new operation. Is the finding in the glenoideum the cause of pain or not, who knows. The diagnose unfortunately remains open at this point.

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