Now what?

The newest findings have now sinked in and I’m thinking about the future. I’ve received opinions from specialists and it seems like Topi really has osteochrondrosis also in glenoidium, the lower part of scapula. To verify this further examinations are needed.

This week we ended again the Cartrophen injection serie. With these injections we try to avoid osteoarthritis to develop and later to slower the progress. So far there is no signs of osteoarthritis, thanks to Cartrophen maybe. Anyway, in this situation Topi is not attending any lure coursing trials this year, if ever. I was planning to xray him anyway before the season, as the competing dog must be nothing but 100% healthy. Even a minor osteoarthritis is ending the career in this household. Sad, I was so much hoping Topi to be my next coursing Ridgeback :/ But dog’s wellbeing is the priority always, and now I’m not worrying the lost coursing career but the everyday future. Will he be able to have a good, painless life without restrictions?

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