New worries

It’s been almost a year since the operation. Rehab and recovery went very well, hence the owner had a hard time. We came to know every inch of the fields in the background of the video below, while walking on them kilometer after kilometer.

May 2023

Autum went well too, and Topi was slowly getting back to normal. Increased exercise didn’t cause any symptoms. In January I noticed some stiffness. While training rally the lefty turns didn’t quite work out and there was a clear difference between left and right side turns. At this point I blamed the weather and slippery ground and added some gymnastics to his daily routines.

In February the boys had a rougher outing in the forest and in the following morning Topi was completely lame. His left front leg was very sore. As adviced Topi had to rest and with time and painkillers he went all well again. After couple of weeks he was running wild again. At the same time he started to loose his appetite and lost weigth. I’ve kept him slim due to his operation so even a small weigth loss makes him look thin. He didn’t get lame anymore, but with while spring arriving Topi turned out very calm and quiet. He didn’t have normal appetite and he was resting a lot. I noticed him lying down very soon in situations where he had been attending eagerly before. When he didn’t even get up from the coach when I came into the room I realized that somethings’ cooking. Pain killers gave a quick response and change in behavior so it was time to call a doctor again.

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