5th Edition 2024

My 5th Edition litter in planned for summer 2024! The parents to be are Swedish That’s Obvious Jalopeno Fooled You “Samson” and Lumottu Irma Iivontytär ft. Finnridge “Irma”. This litter is my breeding in third generation and the COI is 2,15% in 5 generations. I’m expecting Irma’s heat to start in April. If all goes like planned we will have summer puppies <3

Samson is bred in That’s Obvious kennel in Sweden. He is middle sized, very balanced 6 years old male. I’ve been following him from distance already for years. His father, Nasir (Anzantra’s Howling Pelle), I met already in 2014 and liked him a lot immediately. Samson is very open, social, self confident and playful. He has passed both BPH:n* and MH test in Sweden with outstanding results. In these tests Samson has been gunshot proof, showing less fear and insecurity than breed in average. His curiosity, playfulness and sociability are his absolute strengths. There is proven evidence of temperament quality in Samson’s pedigree for several generations. In everyday life he is a very easygoing dog, who comes along with everyone. Samson’s owner trains with him very actively ie. nose work and he has achieved NW1 and NW2. Samson is a Swedish Tracking Champion and In shows he is one certificate short of Swedish Champion title.

*) BPH = Beteende – och personlighetsbeskrivning hund/ / Behavior and Personality Assessment in Dogs

Samson MH

Irma is super social girl, who loves everybody. She lives in a pack of three girls with Olivia. She is a very easygoing dog, who you can go anywhere with. New people she greets with no hesitations, and she doesn’t get stressed in new situatitions. In November 2023 Irma passed a breeding examination arranged The Ridgeback Club Of Finland. She was supposed to participate a MH mental description in September 2023, but unfortunately she started her heat just before. I hope that we could enter a MH mental description yet before her heat to start! Also in Irma’s pedigree there are several dogs who have passed good temperament quality and 4 of her siblings passed their MH mental descriptions in summer 2023 with good results.

Name:NW1, NW2, S TCH
That’s Obvious Jalapeno Fooled You
Lumottu Irma Iivontytär ft. Finnridge
Heigth:67 cm67 cm
Weigth:43 kg39 kg
Sire:Anzantra’s Howling PelleLumottu Hildasønn Ivar Av Utah
Dam:That’s Obvious Absolut So PreciousHarmakhis Wisdom Amarone Mme Chanel
© Jenny Jurnelius
Hips:A/AC/B (shallow sockets)
Spine:LTV0, SP0, VA0
Hemofilia B:N/NN/N
© Jenny Jurnelius
Puppy Samsom
Puppy Irma
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