“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.”
― Vicki Harrison

In June 2021 Iivo went suddenly and unexpectedly very ill. Despite all efforts he passed away after 4 days in IC Unit. He had passed a complete health examination in Feb 2021 so it was quite a shock that autopsy revealed a very aggressive T-cell lymphoma which had rapidly metastasized to almost all his organs. Iivo was fighting hard but he didn't have a slightest chance. The Dog Of My Life was taken violently way too soon. <3

Iivo is the first born in Hilda’s first litter, sired by Exgate’s Unique Utah By Nelvis. Big, strong, independent and stubborn. Also very happy and always onto something. Iivo has a very strong pray drive and he could run after pray for hours. He is balanced, moderately angulated and he has oustanding movements with excellent reach and drive.

So far Iivo has been very healthy and he passed health screenings with flying colors in December 2019. Mental description (MH, gunshot proof) Iivo passed in August 2020.

© Pinja Kontala

Name:BISS, C.I.B., FI CH, S CH, N CH, EE CH, HeJW-18 Lumottu Hildasønn Ivar Av Utah
16.12.2017 - 16.6.2021
Height:71 cm
Weight:48 kg
Color:red wheaten
Liver gene:
B/b (carrier)
Tan points (at):T/T (no carrier)
Dilution (d2):G/G (no carrier)
Teeth:Full scissorbite
Sire:Exgate's Unique Utah By Nelvis
Dam:Aries Khan Margaret Tatcher Of Lumottu
Breeder:Nina Lindqvist & Pinja Kontala
Owner:Nina Lindqvist

Spine:LTV0, SP0, VA0
EOAD:High confidence clear

Lumottu Hildasønn Ivar Av Utah Exgates Unique Utah By Nelvis Ökensandens Star Nelvis By Wasco Djungelkattens Wasco Da Persbrandt Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron Karoskloof Bayezana Naka
Nomvuyo Tikkun
Zumelis Ashiki Marsabit Melikora
Kijasaman Dikimba Zuri
Ahali Fanis Skippy Witches LeCremes Trick Siennas Winds of Change
LeCremes Witches Laroux
Ökensandens Aminata Jarizza Jespah Alekzandr of Janak
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Macumazahn Fatal Beauty
Ozrhode Midas Touch Bartess Rebel Rouser
Shelridge Suffragette
Exgates Masked Dame Deschamp Zeus Cartouche Inja
Matabelle Memory
Masithelas Chewy Wyndrunhrs Inyangani Jasper
Exgates Heartbreaker Called Punky
Aries Khan Margaret Tacher Of Lumottu Aries Khan Indiana Jones Rachral Abayomi Hintza Mswatis Mwanamoetapa Besal Golden Rule
Jockular Jinja
Jockular Rachral A Thamani Sarula Debuka
Jockular Kundalina
Aries Khan Amina Asali Mashara Mazi Rus Vinyari Astor Rodezia
Ayvi Koroleva Zolotyh Peskov Ezop
Zhelezhaya Lady iz Plemeni Mechey
Maendeleo A-Team Aries Amina Nashiras Zinfully Good Juba Lee Juba Lees What About Bob Oakhurst Kukosa Dreyfus
Juba Lee Esprite Of Oakhurst
Nashiras Private Collection Spring Valleys Merlin Of Nashira
Damietta Of Nashira
Kangelanis Gentle Grace By Clay Globe\'s Roving Red Regent Royaltons Blue Max
Globes Calia Toi Soldier
Kamba Anatulindas Ezena Wetu Of Kalahari
Sixemm Kissedby Anangel
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Helsinki Junior Winner -18
BIS4 x 2
BIG1 x 2
FI CAC x 15
Gatekeeper's Trophy 2019
#3 Show Ridgeback 2019
#5 Show Ridgeback 2018
BOB in SRB Open show 2019
Best head in SRB Open show 2019
Best movements in SRB Open show 2019
Best ridge in SRB Open show 2018

  • BOB in Herning 12.5.2018
    BOB in Herning 12.5.2018

Iivo 7,5 months in Kuopio IDS 2018

Iivo had a great start in the showrings. In 2018 he collected 7 x BOB-puppy with HP. During 2019 he gained several BOBs and 2 BIS4-placements; in Oulu IDS and Porvoo all breed show. Iivo has collected 15 CACs, 3 NORD CACs and 3 CACIBs in Finland, Sweden and Estonia and CAC in Sweden and Estonia. The great 2019 year was crowned with challenge trophy by The Ridgeback Club Of Finland, Gatekeeper’s Trophy. In 2020 Iivo finished his International Champion title.

In summer 2020 Iivo had great success in Norway, where he won not only one but two breed specialties arranged by Norsk Rhodesian Ridgeback Klub. The main specialty, BISS 2020, was judged by Norwegian Svein Helgesen.

Oulu IDS 2019, BOB, BIG1, BIS4

^Iivo running for the best of breed in Helsinki NORD show in September 2019

In September 2019 Iivo had his first lure coursing trial in Helsinki and he did very well by winning the trial with 449 points. He also gained the title Helsinki Sighthound Club Coursing Champion.

Hopefully Iivo has many trials ahead in the future!

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Photo: Lee Canham
Iivo 2 years 7 months © Pinja Kontala
Iivo 2 years 7 months © Pinja Kontala
Iivo 27 months © Pinja Kontala
BOB in Helsinki NORD, September 2019, photo by Texterri
Iivo 11 months
  • BOB in Herning 12.5.2018
    BOB in Herning 12.5.2018

Iivo 6,5 months
Iivo 6,5 months
Iivo 6,5 months
Iivo 6,5 months
Iivo 5 weeks
Iiv0 4 weeks
Iivo 4 weeks
Iivo 5 weeks
Iivo 6 weeks
Iivo 6 weeks
Iivo 5 weeks
Iivo 5 weeks
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