1st physiotherapist visit

Today we went to see the physiotherapist for the first time. We are seeing Kirsti Lind at Eläinklinikka Morelius, she is just awesome! So friendly and calm. Topi is very good state and we can now start walking! We also got so many tools for rehab at home.

The photo below reveals what Topi should not be doing right now. He was reaching for the apple flowers and I tried to take the cutest photo of him smelling the flowers. Things escalated in a blink of an eye… He has quite a lot fool’s energy at the moment.

21 days post-op

It’s now 3 weeks post-op and all is well. He is allowed to walk 60 minutes a day. We’ve been taking short tours on the surrounding fields which already gives him so much more activation than just walking in the garden.

Topi’s favorite part of rehab is digging. He just loves to dig and I was very happy that our physiotherapist recommended it 🙂 So daily digging is included in our rehab program!

We’ve got fun ‘n’ games

Today it’s 33 days post-op and all is still going really well. Walking is increased to 80 minutes a day, which is nice but not enough for a yearling. We need something else too and it’s Games. Things that make our life a tad easier during the rehab period. I’m lucky that I got some games borrowed from Milja, the owner of Topi’s brother Sulo. Now we have several interesting games to get Topi’s brains tired!

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