Nose getting worse

Oiva’s nose is getting worse. It’s gotten dryer, and has 2 laserations. Vet appointment ahead! As the symptoms are strongly referring to DLE a biopsy will be needed.

“Nasal dermatoses are diseases of the skin of the nose, that may involve either the haired portion (bridge of the nose) or nonhaired portion of the nose. Most often, when the nose itself is affected, it is a question about an autoimmune disease. 

There are several immune-mediated nasal dermatoses found in dogs. The most common of these autoimmune diseases is Pemphigus Foliceaus, the second most common is Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.

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Today we headed to the vet for a biopsy @Lemmikkilääkärit. Not much has happened in a week, the nose is still very dry. Despite the horrendous look it’s not itching or bothering Oiva at all.

We took 2 cuts to ensure there is enough material for the pathologist. The samples were sent to Patovet and probably we will have news in a week or so. Despite the drastic look there was only very little bleeding but some stitches needed.

Diagnosis: DLE

Today we received the confirmation, we really are dealing with the DLE. Tomorrow we’ll make a plan how to live the best possible life with the condition. Thanks for Oiva’s breeder Anne Britt for support <3

Nose 1 week after biopsy. Looking good!
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