2nd Edition 2019

Puppy smell in the air! Puppies were born May 15th. A very easy delivery without any complications. Altogether 8 puppies, 6 males and 2 bitches. 2 of the males are ridgeless. No dermoid sinus, kink tails or navel hernias detected.

NameIDBirth weigthRidgeHeightWeightBiteHipsElbowsShouldersSpineMental descriptionOther
Lumottu Hildadotter Sophia Av ElvisPink
440 gCorrectTBATBAFull scissorbiteB/B0/0Clear/clearLTV1, SP0, VA0MH, gunshot fearAllergic
Lumottu Hildasønn Jørgen Av ElvisBlack
465 gCorrectTBATBATBAA/A0/0Clear/clearLTV1, SP0, VA0Allergic
Lumottu Hildasønn Gunnar Av UtahGreen
650 gCorrectTBATBATBAB/B0/0Open to interpretation/affectedLTV1, SP0, VA0
Lumottu Hildasønn Oskar Av ElvisOrange
475 gRidgelessTBATBAFull scissorbiteA/A0/0Clear/clearLTV0, SP0, VA0
Lumottu Hildasønn Svante Av ElvisBlue
590 gCorrectTBATBAFull scissorbiteA/A0/0Clear/clearLTV0, SP0, VA0MH, gunshot proofAllergic, L6 block vertebra
Lumottu Hildadotter Viola Av ElvisRed
495 gCorrectTBATBAFull scissorbiteB/B0/0Clear/clearLTV0, SP0, VA0MH, unfamiliar to gunshot
Lumottu Hildasønn Holger Av ElvisBrown
460 gCorrectTBATBAFull scissorbiteB/A0/0Clear/clearLTV1, SP0, VA0
Lumottu Hildasønn Einar Av ElvisYellow
460 gRidgelessTBATBAFull scissorbiteA/A0/0Clear/clearLTV3, SP0, VA0

Sire: Ridgedogs In Love With Elvis “Elvis”
Dam: Aries Khan Margaret Tatcher Of Lumottu “Hilda”

The sire of the litter is handsome Norwegian Ridgedogs In Love With Elvis and dam our foundation bitch Aries Khan Margaret Tatcher Of Lumottu.  Both parents are x-rayed clear in hips, elbows and spine. The COI in 4 generations is 0% and 1,9% in 10 generations. 

Sincerest thanks to Ann Kristin Wien Stubberud, the breeder and owner of Elvis and Vibeke Peelen-Aubert, the other owner for making this possible!

Pedigree, 4 generations

Elvis is a 5 years old healthy and balanced male with strong bone and free, groundcovering movement. He has a typical ridgeback temperament. Elvis has a low pray drive. He has succeeded well in the show ring and has gained the champion titles of Norway and Sweden. Elvis has already several very promising offsprings in ie. Finland, Norway and Australia. More photos of Elvis you can find from his own site.

Hilda is balanced and beautifully built. She has excellent movements, a sweet and very playful temperament with a hint of pepper, and she’s always ready for action. Hilda’s pray drive is very high. 

In the show ring Hilda has done very well and she has gained champion titles from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. She was the #1 show ridgeback in Finland in 2015 & 2018 and #2 in 2016. As a junior she gained several junior winner and champion titles. Hilda is also Tallinn Winner -16 and Baltic Winner -16 & -18. She is actively trained in obedience, agility and blood tracking. During the season 2016 Hilda gained 2 CACLs in lure coursing and 2nd prize in field tracking. Hilda was temperament tested (MH) in 2016.

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