1st Edition 2017

Litter was born on December 16th 2017! 10 puppies in total, 3 boys (1 ridgeless) and 7 girls (2 ridgeless). No dermoid sinus, kink tails or navel hernias detected. 

Sire: Exgate’s Uniques Utah By Nelvis “Utah”
Dam: Aries Khan Margaret Tatcher Of Lumottu “Hilda”

NamePuppy collarGenderHeightWeightRidgeBiteOther
Lumottu Hildadotter Ebba Av UtahPink♀︎ 63 cmTBAOffsetFull scissorbite
Lumottu Hildadotter Frida Av UtahLime♀︎60 cmTBACorrectFull scissorbite
Lumottu Hildasønn Haakon Av UtahOrange♂︎TBATBACorrectTBA
Lumottu Hildadotter Hjørdis Av UtahFuchsia♀︎64 cmTBACorrectFull scissorbite
Lumottu Hildadotter Ingrid Av UtahYellow♀︎68 cm42 kgCorrectFull scissorbite
Lumottu Hildasønn Ivar Av UtahBlue♂︎70+ cmTBACorrectFull scissorbite
Lumottu Hildadotter Märtha Av UtahLila♀︎64 cmTBACorrectFull scissorbite
Lumottu Hildadotter Olga Av UtahGreen♀︎63 cmTBARidgelessTBA
Lumottu Hildadotter Signe Av UtahBeige♀︎61 cmTBARidgelessFull scissorbite
Lumottu Hildasønn Vidar Av UtahTurqoise♂︎70 cmTBARidgelessFull scissorbiteIBD (inflammatory bowel dicease)

The dame of the litter is our foundation bitch Aries Khan Margaret Tatcher of Lumottu “Hilda”, and the sire Exgate’s Unique Utah by Nelvis “Utah”. Both parents are perfectly healthy. Utah has A/A hips and 0/0 elbows, Hilda B/B hips, 0/0 elbows and her spine is clear; LTV0, SP0, VA0. The COI of the litter is 0% in 5 generations and 0,01% in 10 generations.

Utah is a strongly built and balanced male with excellent movements. He has a nice steady temperament and he is very open and playful. Utah has passed both Norwegian and Swedish temperament test and he has sired 2 litters in Norway. He is a Norwegian Tracking Champion and  closed his Norwegian Show Champion title in the ripe age of 10 year  by winning the biggest show of the year, Norwegian Winner in November 2017.

Utah 10 years
Utah 4,5 years
Utah 10 years
Hilda is balanced and beautifully built. She has excellent movements, a sweet and very playful temperament, and she’s always ready for action. In the show ring Hilda has done so far very well and among champion titles from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Russia she was the #1 show ridgeback in Finland in 2015 and #2 in 2016. As a junior she gained several junior winner and champion titles. Hilda is also Tallinn Winner -16 and Baltic Winner -16. She is actively trained in obedience, agility and blood tracking. During the season 2016 Hilda gained 2 CACLs in lure coursing and 2nd prize in field tracking.