Lumottu Rhodesian Ridgebacks is located in Porvoo, Finland. “Lumottu” means charmed in english. In the logo you can see my first ridgeback, Eddie, working as a conductor of the famous Finnish chamber orchestra “Avanti!”. The kennel was founded in 2013, but we haven’t had any litters yet. If everything goes as planned, we are going to have our first litter in 2017. Our future goal is to breed versatile, healthy and mentality balanced rhodesian ridgebacks according the breed standard. Our breeding will be rather small, based on quality over quantity. In our breeding we follow the guidelines and rules of the Finnish Kennel Club and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Finland. We are members in both organizations.

© Heikki Tuuli

The kennel name Lumottu (FCI) and the foundation bitch (hopefully) to be is co-owned with my friend Pinja.  At the moment we have altogether 6 dogs. I’m very active with my dogs. I do showing, field tracking, agility and lure coursing with my own dogs. Occasionally I handle other’s dogs in shows, mostly ridgebacks but also dogs from i.e. FCI groups 5 and 7. I give handling classes and field tracking training and I teach some beginners in agility in our local club. I’m authorized to work as a steward in dog shows and field tracking trials. I passed the FKC Breeders Basic Course in 2013. During 2008-2014 I was a member of the board in the Ridgeback Club of Finland, and 2011-2014 I worked as chairman of the club. In the spring 2014 I unfortunately had to re-allocate my time and leave this position to get more time for my dogs and to educate myself. I regularly take part to different canine related seminars, and I’m highly interested in canine genetics and health.

Before the ridgebacks I’ve had german shepards. As a child I didn’t have a dog of my own, but both my aunt and grandfather had dachshunds. I was more or less grown in the middle of them, among our neighbor’s dogs. In the early 80′s I was training agility with my neighbor’s salukis, years before I even had heard about the agility as a sport!

If you are considering to get a ridgeback in your family, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our door is always open for people interested in the breed. We also recommend that you visit a few other kennels, dog owners, shows or perhaps lure coursing trials to meet different dogs and to see them in the action! Information about the breed, breeders and events you can find from the website of The Ridgeback Club of Finland. You might also want to read the Breeding Strategy JTO, which provides for example knowledge of the breed’s health status.

If you are looking for a very first dog of your own it might be worth to visit the FKC website. A basic course of owning a dog, Koiranomistajan Peruskurssi, is available online.  Give it a thought. Do you really want a dog to be part your family for the next 10-12 years? Do you really have time for a dog? We advice you not to support puppy mills and to buy puppies only from reputable breeders! Always make sure that the puppy is registered to the FKC, health checked and dewormed. If it’s a ridgeback, they need to be checked for dermoid sinus, preferably by an experienced breeder. It is important that you are able to see the mum of the puppies too. Read more about puppy mills and other suspicious sellers here.

Upcoming Events

Sawo Show (CACIB)
August 1, 2014 - @ KuopioSawo Show (CACIB)
August 2, 2014 - @ KuopioSawo Show (CACIB)
August 3, 2014 - @ Kuopio